Mission Enablers International was established in May 2018 by Pastor. Niyi Osomo, and at the centre of the vision is to create awareness about missions among the local churches in Nigeria to the end that mission is prayed for, funded and people go.

The Organization is led by Pastor. Niyi Osomo a former Mission Pastor at The Elevation Church and governed by a 5-man Board of Trustees.

Mission enablers is primarily established as a vehicle to create awareness and funding for the advancement of the kingdom of God most especially missions, and also to create opportunities for missionaries to be adopted and supported.


To advance the kingdom of God on earth by promoting mission.


To raise awareness and funding for Mission and Missionaries and to expand the frontiers of God’s kingdom on earth.


  • Reach and support 2000 missionaries that will reach 50,000 souls in 5 years amongst the unreached and unengaged peoples of northern Nigeria and Africa.

  • Raise N250 million to support mission activities across mission field in Africa

  • Raise 100 local volunteers and missionaries to monitor mission activities on the field

  • Increase awareness about missions through online and offline mediums. Be strong on reporting mission efforts in parts of the continent where we operate

  • Increase awareness about missions by in local churches within Nigeria and reach at least 250 million people globally

  • Be active in at least 10 northern states – Niger, Kebbi, Katsina, Kaduna, Taraba, Plateau, Kano, Kwara, Nassarawa, Sokoto and Lagos and 5 African countries – Burundi, Sierra Leone, Togo, Benin Republic, and Uganda


Jesus instructed everyone of us in Matt 28:18-19 to go and make disciples of the nations and gave us the Holy Spirit to be his witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and ends of the earth Acts 1:8.

We have over 3 billion people and 7000 people groups that are yet to hear about the love and sacrifice Christ made on the cross. This, I believe should be something of great concern to every believer saddled with the responsibility of reaching the nations.

With the statistics available to us, there are many lands yet to conquer. These numbers should be a weight and burden on the heart of any genuine believer, knowing that many Christ gave his life for are still outside the fold.

One of greatest challenges facing missions is the lack of trained missionaries. There are about 300,000 missionaries in the world to reach a total of 3 billion people! The harvest is ripe and the labourers are few.

At the heart of the vision is to mobilize to raise new missionaries accross the local church, support the existing missionaries on the mission field and call the attention of the body of Christ to the urgency of the task at hand.

If every Christian fulfils their part in this assignment, I believe the the mandate of reaching the nations will be fulfilled in our time.

The cry of our heart is we will rise us to take our place by going, praying, funding, and mobilizing for the great commission.